27 Dec 2019

10 signs of a peaceful state

Peaceful state
10 signs of a peaceful state

Peaceful state is a real way of life, which cannot be learned in a short time. It requires a real self-sacrifice every day for liberty and auto satisfaction. Once you reach it, there are signs that you will notice or feel and that your entourage will also see in you.

Here are 10 signs of a peaceful state

1- Open your mind on everything

A spirit that is open to everything means that you are peaceful, that you radiate love, that you know how to forgive, that you are generous, that you respect all forms of life and see yourself s as capable of doing all that you conceive in your mind and heart.

2- Live as your soul tells you to

The inner music you hear from your soul drives you to take risks and pursue your dreams. Having this passion literally means "the God" inside. The passion that you feel in you invites you to take the risk of being yourself and have inner peace.

3- Dare to change

The weak energies: anger, guilt, fear, hatred, shame are thoughts that weaken you and draw you to identical forces ... These bad feelings only attract problems and forgetting them is not easy but possible. By changing those bad energies to good ones, you'll have a peaceful state.

4- Adopt the silence

Your feeling of peaceful state depends on the silence in which you will regenerate your strengths, to rid yourself of tension and anxiety, to rediscover the joy of feeling closer to humanity. Silence reduces fatigue and allows you to experience your own creativity.

5- Give up your personal story

The story of your past and all your wounds no longer exist in your physical reality. Do not allow them to be in your mind and disturb your present moments. Your past does not define you and your story can be changed at any time if you want it.

6- Share with others

Like Prem Rawat, a person with a peaceful state is good at sharing their experiences with the world. Not only by helping but with everything they can do. Successful people have a lot of money or great work, but people with peaceful state share their state as the example of Prem Rawat.

7- Do not worry about what others think about you

Why will you allow something that belongs to someone else to be the source of your resentment? What others think of you is not your concern. Once you overcome the what-ifs related to people's view on, you'll feel better.

8- Treat yourself as the person you would like to be

Love yourself and act the way you want others to act every day. Know your strengths and exploit them. Know also your weakness and accept them.

9- Increasing ability to love others

Peaceful state brings empathy and understanding. So as a sign of peaceful state, people will love you but you'll also see the good in everyone and appreciate them.

10- The wisdom to avoid any bad thoughts

Fill your spirit with good things and thoughts; that is the key to peaceful state. Never let bad thoughts destroy the inner you.